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Character, Stages, And Props Models    
Content Management    
Organizing Model Files Best Practices    
Tagging and Search    
Model Cache & Loader Options    
Character Model Settings    
Actor Menu, Tools, and Interaction    
Dressing System (Material Morphs and XPS Optionals)   PRO
Alternative Textures    
Facial Control    
Blink, Breath, and Eye Contact    
Feet Adjustments    
Troubleshooting Options    
Water Interaction    
Actor Presets 2024.1  
Material Settings    
Global Material Settings    
Material Categories    
- Skin Materials    
- Hair Materials    
- Eyes Materials    
- Lips Materials    
- Opaque Materials    
- Transparent Materials    
- Custom 1 Materials    
- Custom 2 Materials    
Texture Enhancement   PRO
Sweat Effect   NSFW
Material List   PRO
Pro Features    
Outfit & Body Paint 2024.3 PRO
Motion Override   PRO
Accessory   PRO
Ragdoll   PRO
Lightball   PRO
Boob Shake   NSFW
Sex Overlay   NSFW
Dildo   NSFW
Model Format Specific    
XPS Bone Mapper    
XPS Physics   PRO
- Body Colliders    
- Boobs Physics   PRO
- Hair Physics    
- Clothes Physics    
- Skirt Physics    
- Softbody Physics   PRO
- Detech Object    
Custom Inherit Motion    
PMX Physics    
PMX Blendshape Morphs   PRO
Motion & Media Content    
Organizing Motion Files Best Practices    
Audio & Video    
Video Playback 2024.4 PRO
Audio Playback Options    
Music Timing    
Managing Motions    
Playback options    
Assigning Motions    
Secondary Motion    
Actor Motion Settings    
VMD & BVH Motions    
Dance Set    
Motion Settings    
Procedural Motions    
Idle Motion    
Auto Dance   PRO
Auto Dance 2   PRO
Auto Dance 3   PRO
Cowgirl Sex   NSFW
Sex From Behind   NSFW
Sex Motion 3   NSFW
Camera Motions    
Freefly Camera    
Orbit Camera    
Auto Camera    
One-shot Camera    
First Person Camera    
Fixed Camera (Concert Mode)    
Camera Motion & Settings    
Sky and Cloud    
Particle System All Except Android1 PRO
AR Mode Mobile2 & Quest3 PRO
Beats Ring    
Stage Laser 2024.3 PRO
Save & Load Scene    
Scene Bundles 2024.1 PRO
Scene & Stage    
Ground & Stage    
Water System PC4  
Procedural Room Stage    
Stage Model & Settings    
Primitive Shapes    
Prop Model & Settings    
Content Library    
Google Drive Integration    
Content Library for Android and Quest    
Display & UI    
Graphic Settings    
Raytracing Effects PC4  
Multi-Language Support    
Input Settings    
Physics Config    
Auto Update   PRO
System Presets 2024.1  
Offline Render & Recording PC4 CREATOR
AI Voice Chat   PRO
  1. Temporarily disabled for Android due to conflict with AR mode 

  2. Available on supported iPhone, iPad and Android devices (Not all device supports AR) 

  3. Available on Quest 2, 3 or Pro 

  4. Available in HD or RT version on Windows PC only  2 3