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New Laser System

  • All new shader that simulates stage laser realistically
  • Highly customizable formation & position, allowing you to place laser array on the wall, ceilling or the ground
  • New motion control system that allows finetuning motion parameters
  • Random motion with custom random seed. This allows repeatable random sequence so you can save and share the random motion that you like by simply specifying the same seed number.
  • Works with the enhanced Auto Update system to control color and glow of each beam individually

Shadow Only Mode For Ground

This is a special rendering mode for ground that draws only the shadow so you can layer the shadow on top of the background skymap or AR passthrough to make the model & objects really look like in the environment.

  • This is available in both HD and LW but they work slightly differently.
  • With the HD versino it renders shadows from all lights, and you can adjust the color and transparency of the shadow.
  • With the LW version it currently only works for the sunlight, but you have additional blur effect settings to make the shadow smoother.
  • You can also use this for primitive objects to fake objects in the background like pillars and walls.

Enghanced Outfit Effect

The Outfit effect received another major update to allow more realistic look and better render quality.

  • New “parallel” pattern option that draws feature lines parallel to the borders.
  • New hexagon detail map with bump effects to give the final result a more realistic texture
  • New anisotropy control that simulates silk like fabric look on stockings
  • Works better with skin materials. It masks out areas for the skin effect and you can now use metallic effect on skin materials.

Auto Update Enhancements

  • Improved usage of audio data to achieve automatic motion that synchronize with the music.
  • Check the presets in the new laser system for examples.
  • You can now use auto update on model morphs.

Procedural motion updates

  • Auto Dance 3 and SM3 use the same new motion control system that has random seed configuration

Other fixes & enhancements

  • New option to “reset all morphs”