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  • New Gizmo Cube available for all hands, feet and body pose adjustments in procedural motions and motion override feature.
  • Further improve keypad input and adjustments of unlimited value in the UI.
  • New UI settings to configure UI behaviour in VR. You can turn off “UI Always On Top” and “Auto Return”, and adjust UI distance.
  • New option to “Pin” selected UI to the left side of the screen, making room for the scene.
  • You can now turn off cast shadow for hands in VR.
  • Actor selection ring now display name of the model as rotating text around the selection ring when being hovered.
  • Freefly camera is now available in the Android version. Use two finger swipe to move up / down and left / right, use pinch to go forward and back.


  • Improved raytraced shadow settings (RT only)
  • Improved area light (HD/RT only)
  • Support external light cookies. Light cookies are texture maps that defines the shape and color of light source.
  • New “Indoor” sky preset to provide ambient lighting from the ground to simulate indirect lighting from the floor.


  • Hair shader now supports custom detail map. You can use the builtin “Hair” map to restore the old hair shader effect prior to 1.4.7 release.
  • Added XRay mode in individual material settings.
  • Added “Outline” mode as one of the glass mode. This mode is opaque and uses dithering effect so can avoid some of the issues caused by multiple transparent layers.

OBJ format import and export

  • 3D snapshot (OBJ export) is now extended to also output textures.
  • Allow importing OBJ models as props into the scene.
  • Simple physics support for OBJ models. Using box colliders to wrap its boundary.

XPS Physics Improvements & Facial

  • Greatly improved softbody physics. It moves much more natually and is now a lot more stable.
  • Additional limit control for boobs and softbody mode works a lot better than before.
  • Skirt physics has improved sorting method and new option to toggle “Closed Loop” mode.
  • Improved facial control and allows more fine tuning

New NSFW Procedural Motion

  • Check our iwara channel for more details.