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Major Improvements in Creator Edition

  • We have now resolved the bottleneck when rendering hi-res images. At 8k resolution, it is now almost 10 times faster than before. A 4-minute 8k VR video can now be renderred within 10 - 20 minutes.

  • Proper support for VR180 format with full 180 horizontal field of view. Previously VR180 are renderred at 120 degrees.

  • Support for VR360 video is also added. (2D only ATM)

UI Navigation Changes

UI navigation scheme has been updated to allow performing all menu actions with only the directional input. ↑ Navigate Up ↓ Navigate Down ← Slider Value Decrease / Back → Slider Value Increase / Open Submenu / Toggle / Action ↗ Open Submenu / Toggle / Action ↘ Second Action (Preset List, Auto Update Menu) ↙ Back

Motion Playback & Cameras

  • VMD motion interpolation curves are now supported. Motions that utilizes interpolation curves can now be played the same way as MMD.

  • Added motion selection in settings. This allows you to select only the motion you want to be played. You can toggle each bone and morph individually.

  • Auto cameras are updated with smarter view range control. When using auto or group mode, the cameras can now ensure all the actors on the stage are in the visual range.

  • Added more camera tracking options.

Model Material Control

  • We’ve added opaque and transparent categories back. They will contain materials that are not recognized as skin, hair or eyes. So you can apply common adjustments to materials without changing them individually in the material list. A common usecase is to turn on double side for clothing materials. You can now simply go in to the opaque category and turn on double side.

  • Outfit Dissolve now has a “Cutout” mode.

  • Optional Items is now renamed to “Dressing System”. And it now includes 8 custom slots for you to create your own clothing change morphs.

Other Model Changes

  • Share Settings. You can now use this option to apply the same settings to other actors on the stage. You can choose which settings to use and each individual actors to apply to as well.

  • Motion Override added head control.

  • Formation now has global position offset settings.