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LW Graphics Overhaul

Several major improvements have been made to the URP render pipeline to achieve graphics that are comparable to the HD versions.

  • High-resolution sky reflection
  • A near-perfect custom ground reflection solution that is both performant and super detailed.
  • A custom-made subsurface effect that is comparable to the skin shader effect available in HD.
  • Screen space lens flare effect
  • Color adjustment effects, including white balance, color curve, and exposure controls

The PC LW, Android, iOS, and Quest versions all benefit from this change.

HD Graphics Improvements

  • Improved skin shader with more realistic subsurface scattering effects
  • A new “Compute Thickness” option that can be turned on to calculate actual thickness information used in the skin effect
  • Improved volumetric fog effect that allows fine-tuning of the height of the fog, which allows for a much more realistic fog effect

AR (Augmented Reality)

  • iOS and Android versions now have AR mode
  • On Quest, this is provided in a separate build: DanceXR Mix. So the Quest version now has 2 different builds:
    • DanceXR Immersion: The VR version
    • DanceXR Mix: The AR / Mixed Reality version, which is still experimental

AR requires much higher processing power, so it will draw a lot more power and could run at a lower fps on Android. On Quest, you will need to set up your environment first.

Other changes and enhancements

  • Improved scaling of models that allows more accurate skeleton mapping and more options in the scale settings.
  • Updated actor move & rotation control, the triggering area is increased, drag outside of the ring to rotate, inside to move.
  • Fully customizable shader behavior when a 3rd texture map is available. Many models come with a specular map or detail map in addition to base and normal maps. This new feature allows you to configure how each channel of the 3rd texture map is used. You can set it to affect smoothness, glow, metallic, and ambient occlusion.
  • New window mode that replaces the cookie map in sunlight settings.