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New Particle System

  • A new particle system has been developed that can simulate effects such as snow, glitter, rain, and falling leaves.
  • It offers comprehensive settings to control the appearance and physics of the particles.
  • It can load custom textures for the particles and supports multiple images in one texture file.

Cloud Fixes and Refined Settings

Cloud settings have been fixed, and now you can individually change each setting to fine-tune the cloud appearance.

Shader Updates

  • Streamlined shader structures have been implemented for better flexibility and performance.
  • A procedural detail map for skin and hair has been added for a more realistic look.
  • The appearance of wetness and rain has been improved.
  • The outfit effect has been enhanced with proper bump mapping and better compatibility.
  • The freeze issue when toggling rain mode on has been fixed.

Model Compatibility

  • The issue with spiky appearances on some XPS models has been fixed.
  • The missing texture issue caused by extra spaces in the texture file names has been resolved.
  • Bone mapper fixes and improvements have been made.

Camera Options

New fancam and tracking options have been added for freefly and concert mode cameras.


  • The folder structure for the stage menu has been restored.
  • For settings with presets, an “*” has been added to indicate whether settings have been changed from the preset value.
  • The Freefly camera automatically reduces move speed when you are close to an actor.


  • IK has been updated for a more natural arm bending direction.
  • The hand pose in Motion Override has been corrected.
  • A setting in Motion Override has been added to fine-tune the arm bending axis.