Stage Geometry & Water System

The new Stage Geometry is a highly customisable stage that can be raised or lowered to any height.

  • The floor of actor and props are automatically adjusted to match the stage height.
  • Physics setup is in place to allow it to interact with other objects on the stage.
  • It works with loaded stage models. When the stage is lowered below ground it will automatically cut a hole in the loaded model to make space for the stage.
  • Stage height can be animated through the “auto update” system.

The new water system gives you realistic looking water in your scene.

  • It has pool, river or ocean modes. When using the pool mode the water size is confined to the stage geometry area.
  • Use height adjustment to change water level.
  • Adjustments for visible distances both from above and below water.
  • Ripples and wave intensity adjusments.
  • Shaders are updated to be aware of the water level to allow realistic render of surfaces both above and below water.

UI Changes

Configurations and presets are split into separate menus but both are still accessible at from the menu item. The main button takes you to the configurations while the icon on the right gives you presets to choose from.

  • Fixed an issue with some PMX models that throw “Bad data length” error.
  • Model loading is optimised to improve responsiveness and speed up duplication of models.
  • Added basic translation of morph names. This is not really proper “translation”. It simply does word by word replacements from Japanese to English based on a list of commonly used words.

Motion System

Motion system is optimised to reduce complexity and eliminate unnecessary steps. This can improve FPS in complex scenes.

In addtion to the list above, there are also many bug fixes and improvements in various other places.