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Body Paint

  • New feature that allows drawing on actors’ body with color or images.
  • Support HDR and glow effect
  • Drawings can be saved and retrieved
  • Also include an Outfit painting mode that allows modifying generated outfit patterns with paint brush or images.
  • When choosing image templates used for drawing, PNG format is recommended since it support alpha channel.
  • For tattoo images, it’s best to find white ones since they work better with different color and glow effect.

Support for HDR sky map

  • Sky map can benefit greatly from the extra lighting information from HDR images and most HDRI sky maps are provided in that format too.
  • When downloading HDR images for sky map, please select HDR format and 4k+ resolution.
  • With HDR sky maps you can adjust sky intensity while still maintaining great level of details.

New AutoUpdate Options

  • New Audio Amplitude mode allows changing the config value based on currently audio output level.
    • You can choose smoothing settings to fine tune the output according to your need.
    • Higher smooth setting generates smooth output while lower smooth setting allows faster response.
  • Spectrum Band mode gets output from the audio spectrum data.
  • It is divided into 1024 bands. In the order of frequency.
  • Lower band number represents bass and vice versa.

Special rendering modes: Depth and Normal

  • The previous cartoon shader has been extended to include 2 more modes, depth and normal.
  • These are designed to use with Stable Diffusion ControlNet to provide a base for your AI images.
  • A typical usecase is to setup your composition and poses for the actors in DanceXR and then use Stable Diffusion to generate detailed images with totally different characters and environments.
  • Yes you can generate depth and normal map from any image in ControlNet but the rendered depth and normal maps are much more accurate than the generated ones, you can test it out yourself.
  • When using the renderred depth and normal maps in ControlNet, be sure to select “none” as preprocessor since they don’t need any more processing.

UI UX Improvements

  • The UI can now display much longer names without truncation by automatically using smaller font sizes when the text is longer than its capacity.
  • Fixed missing material presets.
  • Fixed a few bugs in material selection and made it much more reliable to use.
  • Props can now be correctly duplicated and their configurations are stored in saved scenes.
  • Finetuned sex procedural motions for better control of actor poses. For example left and right legs can now to configured separately.
  • Refined procedural motion pairing control. Some of the procedural motions have multiple roles, but how the actors are being paired was never clearly explained. We’ve made some improvements in this part and hope to make this easy to understand this time.
    • Actors who are assigned the same motion but in different roles are automatically paired together as a group.
    • They are iterated one by one in the actor list order to determine pairing in a first-come-first-serve fashion.
    • If you want to change the pairing, simply move them up or down the list.
    • If you want an actor to not group with others or you want them to only group with a particular role, there is now a “Pairing” mode you can use to do that. The default mode is “Multiple Partners” which will pair them whenever possible, “Single Partner” will only allow one other actor to pair with them and “No Partner” will make sure they are by themselves. Set the “Pairing” mode on the actor who has the default(female) role.
  • Props and accessory models have their dedicated folder in the content library now. These folders will be automatically created if not exist already. Run the new version and then check your content library to find out where to put your files.
  • Texture file locations are moved. There are seperate folders for sky, ground, particle and mask (used in body paint as tattoo or templates). They are all located in “texture” folder in your content library. These folders will also be automatically created for you.
  • Increased particle density. Added control for spawn height.
  • Actor troubleshooting added hand scale setting, this can be used to reduce model hand size.

Plus other fixes here and there…