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Physics Improvements

  • We have a new approach in creating PMX physics. The new method ignores certain constraints and applies special handling for the joints based on the understandings we have on the PMX physics so far. There are also more configurations you can fine tune to further improves the result.
  • With the new approach the simulation is less demanding for the system and is smoother and more stable on almost all models.
  • The new method is turned on by default in the “Model Physics” configuration under the name “Experimental Setup”. You can still turn it off and go back to the old method if you prefer.
  • We’ve also increased the upper limit of physics simulation framerate so that if you want to further improve the stability you can by simply increasing the physics framerate in the system physics settings.
  • With the XPS models the enhancement is less noticable since it was already on a similar approach.
  • The XPS skirt physics now has an option to use the simpler capsule collider instead of the default box collider. This may improve the smoothness of the simulation but is more likly to get penetration, so use this according to your need.
  • Fixed an issue with XPS body collider.

Motion Improvements

  • Improved BVH motion support. We’ve resolved issues with the center position and feet poses so the motions that has problems before should work much better now.
  • New loop control allows you to define start and end positions for a motion and decide how many times it loops.
  • Improved camera tracking that reduces lag when following an actor and provide better stability.
  • Improved IK accuracy.
  • Improved arm twist correction.
  • Improved facial motion for XPS models. More facial morphs avaialbe and better accuracy.
  • The idle motion for a spectator model now has options to follow a nearby actor and maintain distances.
  • New hand pose control for procedural motions and motion override. You can now set the hand pose to be relative to a body part of a particular model. Please note that this has a dependency on the order of actors in the scene. Since it needs to have its motion processed before other actors can reference its position. To allow 2 actors reference each other, at least one of them needs to use the “Motion Override” for the hand. NSFW: Demo Video

Improved UI & System settings

  • Better support for game controllers with the new input settings that allows changing binding of all the available buttons on a gamepad.
  • Improved UI navigation when using a game controller.
  • Enhanced UI settings that allows you to change the width of the menu panel and decide how many levels of menus that can be seen at the same time.
  • Low profile main UI and toggling between UI states.
  • Fixed issue with button input reponsiveness.
  • When using skymap as sky, you can now control background and ambient lighting individually. e.g. Making the background totally black but still maintain the ambient lighting. Previously if you want to dim the background the ambient lighting is tuned down as well.
  • New tools for moving objects within a stage model.
  • Fixed window resolution settings.
  • Increased options for physics frame rate for better simulation result.