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UI Updates

  • Display tooltips for most configurations values
  • Added expand/collapse button for group items

Feet Adjustment Updates

  • Added lift mode selection
  • Automatically align feet rotation when on the ground

Updated Bone Mapper

  • Highlight bones when pointer hovers above the selection item
  • Collapse and expand selection items
  • Updated bone structure fixes to work better with the bone mapper

Dressing System Updates

  • Updated particle system to work with dressing system transition
  • Updated setup logic to be easier to use
    • Dedicated item for setting up initial state
    • Configurable custom items for custom transitions
  • Improved sequence control with before and after paddings

Experimental Motion Sequence

  • Simple text based format to create motion sequences
  • Automatically blend motion and position between parts of the sequence to create smooth transitions
  • Can set it to use random order and repeat

Other fixes & improvements

  • Automatically finds texture files by trying different file extensions if the original file is not found
  • You can set neck rotation limit to avoid unnatural poses in “Troubleshooting”
  • Fine tune standard pose in “Actor Motion Settings”
  • Added dithering option for hair shader transparency