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UI Improvements

  • Keypad input available for all numeric configuration values. You can now key in the values precisely.
  • Menu item filtering from alphabetic keypad input is available for menus with long list of child items. Like material list, morph list, saved scene selection etc.
  • Improved scrolling experience. Verticle dragging on sliders will trigger scrolling instead of slider value changes.
  • Improved menu items grouping visually.

Lighting & Sky

  • Simplified light position & angle control
  • Sunlight angle is now controlled by time of day, ecliptic angle and orientation.
  • Automatic transition between day and night based on time of day value.
  • Night sky with stars

New Texture Enhancement Features

  • Generate normal map based on specular map or color map information
  • Making use of specular maps to affect certains properties of the materials
  • Detail maps that adds fine details to the materials

Motion Improvements

  • Fixed BVH arm pose
  • Further improvements to arm twist correction
  • Improved looping & speed control. Allowing motion and music to play at different speed.
  • Fixed tracking configurations for orbit camera

XPS Physics

  • Improved hair physics control, added spring force reduction rate to improve short hair simulation.
  • Changes in skirt physics joints to allow a bit more flexibility to better simulate fabric behavior.