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New Video Playback

You can now play videos and project the image from a light source or use it as a texture on walls or prop surfaces in your scene.

  • Content location: Place your video files in MP4 format in the content/videos folder.
  • Use as projector: Go to light settings and select [video] as the cookie map. There are other settings to control the size of projected images. Use the newly included presets to see how they work.
  • Use as texture: In the surface settings, select [video] as the texture map. The included “Room” stage model has several presets for you to see how they work.

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Subframe Motion

You can now enable subframe motion in the physics settings. This option performs multiple motion updates for each frame. It reduces the amount of movement in each physics simulation step, resulting in smoother simulation and more stability. This is especially useful for fast-moving objects or when you want to achieve more realistic motion.

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PMX Physics Settings

Physics joints and colliders are now automatically split into groups, and for each group, you can override the physics settings to achieve fine-tuning of the physics simulation on different body parts.

The groups are listed within the physics settings menu. For each group, you can:

  • Select a label for the group for easy identification
  • Visualize the joints and colliders in the group
  • Categorize joints into parent-child (connections between parent and child bones) or lateral (connections between bones that have no direct parent-child relationship) types, and adjust the settings for each type individually

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Procedural Detail Maps

There is now a procedural hexagon pattern detail map that you can use for material groups and the Outfit feature. This can be easily customized to create patterns and a glittering effect for the material.

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UI UX Improvements

  • New light group presets are included for you to quickly set up lighting for different scenarios.
  • New “Help” menu that includes links to the documentation and the community Discord server.
  • New range slider control for configurations that require a start and an end value, such as the Auto Update input and output ranges.

Other Fixes & Enhancements