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Video Player Enhancements

  • Videos now each have individual settings for BPM, time offset etc.
  • New LED screen mode that simulates characteristics of on stage LED screens.
  • Procedural stage now include video screens that supports projector, emissive and LED screen modes. Full Documentation

Audio Looping & Motion Sequence Improvements

  • You can now loop audio and motion by specifying the start and end time. Don’t confuse this with the motion looping. Previously you can loop the motion but not the audio.
  • Motion sequence looping & blending are fixed.
  • New standard pose transition mode in actor settings. When switching motion or moving the timeline, the actor will transition from the standard pose to the new pose, allowing comlex physics components to settle in the specified pose.

XPS Physics Improvements

  • Additional settings for body colliders for fine tuning legs, butts and forearm colliders.
  • Improved joints & colliders structure for skirt & softbody physics and additional settings.

Improved Procedural Detail Maps

  • Improved skin map that allows separate params for face & body.
  • Improved hair map, looks way better than before.
  • Improved gradient effect and fixed several issues.


  • New suspension mode. You can now hang spot lights from the ceiling and set them to swing randomly.
  • Improved light ray & cone model
  • New overall intensity settings that controls brightness of all lights in the scene.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Improved texture caching and fixed memory leak.
  • Fixed facial morph overrides and configurations.
  • Improved optional items & transition effects
  • Other fixes