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New version name

We are switching to version naming based on the year and month of release. So the first release of 2024 is named 2024.1. This makes much more sense than 1.x naming since we run strictly monthly release cycle and it’s easier for users to match the version with the release date.

HDR Display Support

DanceXR now supports HDR displays. Turn on HDR from your Windows Display Settings and DanceXR will automatically detect and switch to HDR mode. You can also manually turn off the HDR mode in graphics settings menu. HDR mode provides higher contrast and more vibrant colors. Brighter highlights and darker shadows can be displayed at the same time, resulting in more realistic and immersive visuals.

New System Presets

You can now save system and environment settings, including graphics quality, lighting, sky and ground, as presets and load them later. Each of these presets are saved in a separate json file in your content library so you can easily share them with others.

New Actor Presets

Similar to system presets, the entire actor settings can now be saved as separate preset files in your content library and can be shared with others.

Actor presets has 2 levels, you can choose to save as a local preset which is only available to the current actor, or save as a global preset which is available to all actors.

Experimental Scene Bundles

In addition to saving settings, actors, motions and stages as a scene, you can now create “Scene Bundles” that also constains all the models and motion assets used in the scene. So you can share a scene with others without worrying about also missing assets.

Revamped Shaders

We have updated shaders to enhance the water effects and tidy up the variations to eliminate the stuttering when switching shader modes.

  • New sweat effects
  • Updated rain effects
  • Improved shader variants selection

AI Chat

  • Implemented new API for Oobabooga
  • Fixed audio language setting
  • Support for both legacy and new Oobabooga API through settings

Other fixes & enhancements

  • Setting for UI height
  • Fixed restoring vertical position when loading scene
  • Full keyboard available in the input dialog, improved handling of cursor position
  • Lips & eyes material groups have presets
  • Added formation presets