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Material Settings

  • New Gradient Control: Allow changing material properties along a gradient path.
  • Enhanced material settings for more flexibility and easier selection of materials.
  • Improved Skin shader sweat effect, the streaks are back and more realistic than ever before.

Physics Enhancements

While we are preparing the new physics engine, we have ported some of the changes back to enhance the existing physics system.

  • Enhanced XPS Skirt Physics to have more accurate collider shape and placement, as well as new configuration items for fine control.

About the disconnect slider: This disconnects the joints at the selected level. It can be used with the gradient effect to remove colliders from clothing after they are no longer visible. In order to make the simulation more convincing.

  • XPS Softbody Physics has a new algorithm for better joints connection between bones, as well as the new configuration UI.
  • More XPS model body collider control

Model Support

  • Support for ASCII XPS format
  • Improved XPS bone mapper to support more variaties of models (like the ones from Resident Evil)

Auto Update System

  • Enhanced Auto Update to allow setting timeline start and end percentage. e.g. You can now set the change animation to start at 20% of the duration and finish at 60%, instead of having to apply the change for the full duration like before.

Other Changes & Fixes

  • Improved eye contact when looking down.
  • Refined actor transition animation
  • Tag suggestions sorted by usage and then alphabetically
  • Collapsable configuration UI
  • More efficient content library scanning
  • 512x512 resolution option, in case you want to take screenshots for AI training
  • Creator edition also has 512x512 output option available
  • Fixed issues with auto motion assign
  • Fixed ground hole bug