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Google Drive Integration

  • The program can now download content from a shared folder on Google Drive.
  • This allows managing content on Google Drive without a PC and then have the content downloaded to your device automatically (particularly useful for Quest and Android).
  • What’s not shown in the video is that you can also use a URL shortener to shorten the URL and type that instead of the full URL from Google Drive.
  • You can also use this to share content to a friend. Please note that this is still considered experimental. We are using Google Drive APIs in a way that does not require authentication to simplify the user experience, but the downside of that is the Google Drive folder needs to be shared without restriction, as shown in the video. Google also has a limit on how much you can download from the same IP address within a given period of time. If you are suddenly unable to download, that usually means you’ve exceeded the download limit. You’ll have to wait a few hours before you can download again.