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Free Version Download

DanceXR 2024.2 HD

The free version includes all basic functionalities such as standard pose conversion, stage and environment settings, and lifelike motions. However, only one actor can be on the stage at a time, and advanced features in the paid version are not available.

Check the full feature list, items marked with a PRO, NSFW, or CREATOR are not available in the free version.

Purchase Options

To gain access to the latest release and unlock advanced features, you have the following options:

Become a supporter on Patreon

DanceXR on Patreon

Every month, we publish the latest version on our Patreon page. The free version build will also be made available on Patreon one month after its initial release.

By becoming a supporter on Patreon, you will have exclusive access to the latest updates and the chance to provide feedback before the release is available on other platforms.

Also, the creator edition is only available on the Patreon platform for the creator tier supporters.

Purchase PC version from Steam & Itch.io

If you prefer a one-off purchase, you can also find it on Steam and Itch.io.

Steam: DanceXR Pro

Itch.io: DanceXR Pro

If you can’t find DanceXR on Steam, it could be that it is blocked in your country, you can try the Pure edition instead.

Steam: DanceXR Pure

The difference between the Pro and Pure versions is that the Pro has some adult-only features, so it is age-restricted on Steam. Also, the ray-traced version is a paid DLC on Steam. The Pure version has all adult features removed, but it includes the ray-traced version.

Purchase Quest standalone version on Itch.io

The standalone build for Oculus Quest can be found here:

DanceXR Quest

Purchase Android version on Google Play & Itch.io

The Android Pro version is available on itch.io, and the Pure version is available on Google Play:

DanceXR Android Pro

DanceXR Portable

For Google Play users, you can now join our public beta test to get early access to the next update. Simply visit the link below:


If you want to revert to the production version, you can choose “Leave the Program” from the same page, and then you’ll be able to install the old version from Google Play.

Purchase iOS version on App Store

The iOS version for iPhone and iPad is available on the App Store:

DanceXR iOS

For users in mainland China