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DanceXR comes in different versions with different feature sets and render techniques to suite capabilities on different platforms.

Render Pipelines

LW, HD and RT represent different render pipelines

LW uses Unity Universal Render Pipeline, this is the most performant option that works well on mobile platforms and lower end computers.

HD uses Unity HDRP, this focus more on grphics quality but can also drive VR on higher end PCs.

RT uses Raytracing, this has the best graphics but might not be able to run at full frame rate in VR.

HD and RT are not avaialble on mobile platforms so Android and Quest builds have LW option only.

Feature Sets

We have Free, Pure, Pro and Creator tiers that have different features

Free version can only load one actor at a time and is lacking advanced features.

Pure version has advanced features but don’t have NSFW features.

Pro version has all features excpet Creator specific features like offline render and video capture capability.

Release Platforms

We are available on Patreon, Itch.io and Steam.

Availability are listed as below

Platform & Tier Pure Pro RT Creator Quest Android
Patreon Patron Tier   *        
Patreon Pro Tier   * *   *  
Patreon Creator Tier   * * * *  
Itch.io PC   *        
Itch.io Quest         *  
Itch.io Android Pro           *
Steam Pure *          
Steam Pro   *        
Steam Raytracing DLC   * *