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Softbody Physics

Softbody physics creates an interconnected mesh of joints between a group of bones to simulate softbody physics. Unlike skirt physics, which has a clear hierarchy from root to tip, this is more like a flat relationship between all the bones.

This works best for buttocks and thigh physics.

The softbody mode in boobs physics uses the same mechanism.


  • Select Bones: Select the bones that are related to the softbody.
  • Physics Properties: Mass, drag, collider radius, friction, center of mass, and solver iteration count for the joints.
  • Parent Joint: Adjust joint configurations for parent-child joints.
  • Inter-Joint: Adjust joint configurations for joints between bones.
  • Visualize: Visualize the created joints.
  • Apply To Other Groups: Use the same settings for other groups of bones.
  • Additional Groups: Set the number of additional groups that you need.
  • Group N: Configure additional groups.