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The input mapping of DanceXR is based on popular VR controllers and gamepads.

You can have 2 thumbsticks, a dpad, left and right trigger buttons, left and right shoulder buttons, A, B, X, Y, select and menu buttons (button 1, 2 and menu for each hand in the VR context)

Each of the input above can have keyboard keys mapped to them so you can operate with keyboard only.

In addition, on PC and Android you can use mouse or touch screen to pan the camera or select and drag interactable objects.

In VR, you also have laser pointers to operate menu and drag & drop objects.

Second Action

By default, grip button on VR controllers and shoulder buttons on gamepads are asssigned to “Second Action”, which means when you hold this button while pressing another control, it will trigger a secondary action for that control, instead of the primary action.

You can assign a different button to “Second Action” if you prefer.

Default Controls

The default control action assignment are listed below

Button Controls

Gamepad VR Key Primary Action Second Action
Btn X Left Btn 1 Number 1 Center Actor Reset Physics
Btn Y Left Btn 2 Number 2 Next Model Shuffle Model
Btn A Right Btn 1 Number 3 Next Motion Previous Motion
Btn B Right Btn 2 Number 4 Play / Pause Slow Motion
LB Left Grip Left Shift Second Action None
RB Right Grip Right Shift Second Action None
Left Thumb Click Left Thumb Click None None  
Right Thumb Click Right Thumb Click None None  
Select Left Menu Esc Toggle UI UI Back
Start Right Menu Enter Toggle Microphone Toggle Microphone

Axis Controls

Gamepad VR Key Primary Action Second Action / B
Left Thumb X Left Thumb X A / D Move X Rotate
Left Thumb Y Left Thumb Y W / S Move Y Up / Down
Right Thumb X Right Thumb X Left / Right Rotate Move X
Right Thumb Y Right Thumb Y Up / Down Up / Down Move Y
Left Trigger Left Trigger Tab Custom 1 UI Toggle
Right Trigger Right Trigger Space Custom 2 UI Toggle
DPad X N/A L / J UI X UI X
DPad Y N/A I / K UI Y Scroll