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The “Dressing System” combines material morphs from PMX models and optional items from XPS models.

In simple terms these are appearance changes that are designed by the model creators.

This usually controls the appearance or disappearances of certain part of the model, or changing color or textures done by morphing between different material settings.

Custom Dressing Items

You can create custom items by selecting which materials are to be hidden and which are to be shown.

Change Sequence

When you have multiple togglable items in the dressing system, you can assign a sequence for each and then use the sequence value to animate the changes for each item through out the song.

“Optional items” is where you can control visibility of certain parts of the model. You can arrange the sequence of the change and animate it over time.

  • First setup the initial state by toggling each parts.
  • Uncheck the “Include in sequence” toggle for parts that you wish to exclude from the animation sequence.
  • Set the sequence order for each part
  • Use the sequence slider to preview the animation
  • Use “Auto Update” options for the sequence slider to animate it

Demo Videos