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Global Material Settings

Changes certain properties for all materials of the actor model.


  • Flat Shading: Blend to unlit shading mode for all materials.
  • Cast Shadow: Enable or disable shadow casting for all materials.
  • MIP Bias: Set mip bias for all textures.
  • Transparency: Set transparency mode for all materials.
  • Alpha as Gloss: Use alpha channel as gloss instead of transparency.
  • Override Alpha Clip: Override alpha clip value for all materials.
  • Transparency Sorting: Set sorting method for transparent materials.
  • Rain Angle: Adjust angle of the rain drops when rain effect is enabled.
  • Rain Use World Position: Use world position to calculate rain. Good for static objects.
  • Specular / Mask Map: Set specular / mask map for all materials.
  • Special Shading Mode: Set special shading mode for all materials.