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Ground Modes

You can use either a textured surface or the sky map for your ground.

Sky Map As Ground

When using sky map for ground, the sky map is projected on to the ground surface. It is recommended to use a sky map that don’t have close up details. Because the sky map don’t have three-dimentional information, when being projected on to a 3D surface the distortion is very obvious if it has close up objects.

Custom Ground Textures

You can put texture images in texture/ground folder of your content library to allow them to appear in the texture list for ground.

Procedural Stage

Procedural Stage provides adjustable simple geometry to use as stage. With it you can

  • Easily change the width and depth of the stage
  • Raise it up or lower it down, even digging holes into the ground.
  • Extensions on all 4 sides. For example you can use this to easily create a fashion show runway.
  • Physics interaction. It has physics colliders that conforms to the shape of the stage. So other physics objects can interact with it correctly.

Water System

For HD and RT version, a water system is available to create realistic visual of swimming pool, reiver or ocean. When using the swimming pool mode, you can use the procedural stage to dig a hole in the ground for the pool. It also works with custom stage models.

Use the provided presets as example to see how the parameters affect the final result.