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Stage Geometry & Water System

The new Stage Geometry is a highly customizable stage that can be raised or lowered to any height.

  • The floor for actors and props is automatically adjusted to match the stage height.
  • Physics setup is in place to allow it to interact with other objects on the stage.
  • It works with loaded stage models. When the stage is lowered below ground, it will automatically cut a hole in the loaded model to make space for the stage.
  • Stage height can be animated through the “auto update” system.

The new water system gives you realistic-looking water in your scene.

  • It has pool, river, or ocean modes. When using the pool mode, the water size is confined to the stage geometry area.
  • Use height adjustment to change the water level.
  • Adjustments for visible distances both from above and below water.
  • Ripples and wave intensity adjustments.
  • Shaders are updated to be aware of the water level to allow realistic rendering of surfaces both above and below water.