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Outfit & Body Paint Overview

This feature allows you to change looks of the actor by painting on the body and outfit. You can also use it to create custom outfit patterns.

Body Paint

When using the body paint mode, you can draw on top of the actor body with your selected color and size.

You can also use images as a brush to draw on the body. The body paint mode also supports HDR and glow effect.

Outfit Shape & Pattern

When switched to outfit mode, you can modify the parameters for generated outfit pattern. Then adjust the color and effect for each part of the outfit.

Base Surface

Base surface is the main area of the generated outfit shape.

Pattern Surface

Within the outfit shape area, you can choose a pattern and apply a different surface parameter to it.

Border Surface

Border surface is the area between the base and the pattern surfaces

Outfit Effects

Outfit can be used to create stocking, latex, plastic and metallic effects. It also has a pattern generator to create custom patterns and each part of the pattern can be assigned to a different effect.

Try out presets to see what it can do and then dive into the details to create your own.

You can also integrate the hexagon detail map to improve the texture of the generated outfit effect.

Body Paint

  • New feature that allows drawing on actors’ body with color or images.
  • Support HDR and glow effect
  • Drawings can be saved and retrieved
  • Also include an Outfit painting mode that allows modifying generated outfit patterns with paint brush or images.
  • When choosing image templates used for drawing, PNG format is recommended since it support alpha channel.
  • For tattoo images, it’s best to find white ones since they work better with different color and glow effect.