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Cloth Simulation Preview

Real-time “Cloth Simulation” system is now available for the built-in Dummy model as a preview. This is proper cloth simulation built from ground up. It simulates every vertices of the cloth mesh with actual phsyics properties and constraints. The realism is at a whole new level compared to the existing physics tools that use rigid body physics. Key features include:

  • Unconditionally stable simulation. No more explosions.
  • Custom collider shapes that matches curved body parts. Observe the cloth draping over the character’s body that comforms to the curves with 0 cliping.
  • Real-time performance! Smoothly running at over 100 fps while simulating 5000+ vertices.

Head over to the “Cloth Simulation” settings to explore and have fun! There you can

  • Customize the cloth mesh. You can control the position, size and shape of the cloth mesh however you like.
  • Adjust the cloth simulation settings. You can control the gravity, stiffness, damping, friction and other settings of the cloth simulation.
  • Fine tune the computational parameters for best performance.

The entire simulation system runs on a separate thread so if you have spare CPU cores and the computation can be performed within the frame time, it will have 0 impact on your current fps.

The simulation requires very small time steps to have great results. The ideal FPS is around 100 fps for the best realism under the default settings (at 4 substeps and 2 iterations). If your target fps is between 30 - 60 fps, it should still perform well but the result might have a bit “slow motion” feel. You can try to increase the number of sub steps to compensate for this but it will increase the computational load.

We are currently only enabling this for the dummy model as a preview. There are additional works to be done in the motion and model systems to allow it to be integrated with PMX and XPS models. Please stay tuned for future updates!

Motion Updates

  • Arm twist corrections. In addition to the existing twist correction feature, we added check to keep the arm straight when the arm twist bones are animated incorrectly. This can be switched on/off in the motion settings.
  • New Motion Unit setting for BVH. Certain BVH files may have different units for motion data. If you found bvh motion that appears to have only rotation or too much translation, try adjust this in the motion settings.
  • Motion & Audio auto sync. Automatically sync audio with motion on the fly when the audio time and motion time differs by a certain amount. You can choose to either sync audio to motion or motion to audio.
  • Motion interpolation curve is now turned off by default since it can cause stuttering in some cases. You can turn it on in the motion settings.
  • Feet IK is turned on by default.

Other changes

  • Upgraded to the latest Unity 6
  • Turned off “echo” effect for the Whisper speech to text model