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Support for .pose and .vpd formats and transition motion

We now support static pose files like .pose and .vpd files. Simply put the files in your motions folder in your content library and they’ll appear from your content library.

  • To use them as static pose, load an actor model and load the pose from the motion menu.
  • Automatic motion sequence from poses: if you keep multiple poses in a directory, you can load all of them as a motion sequence by selecting the folder and choose the “Load as sequence” or “Load as random sequence” options from the bottom right of the folder menu.
  • Transition motion: The app will automatically create smooth transition motions between the poses in the sequence, and you can fine tune this transition motion by going into the sequence settings menu and make changes.
  • Transition anchoring: You can select the anchor positions during the transition motion. For example “Feet” anchoring works great for standing poses.
  • Rigging adjustments: Some of the pose files are created for different rigging systems, you can manually adjust the arm and leg angles to make .pose work for pmx and .vpd works for xps models.

AI Chat System Updates

  • Automatic story synopsis generation: You can choose from one of the genres and a synopsis will be generated as the story for your role-play.
  • Automatic chat summary: If the number of messages reach a certain amount, the oldest messages will be replaced by a summary in the prompt when generating new messages. This will help the model to better remember long chat histories and reduce the likelyhood of repeated messages.
  • Support for latest models including GPT-4o.
  • Fixed issues with thumbnails and character profile.

Actor model fixes

  • Fixed “melting” issue with some PMX models
  • Fixed skin face gradient and it can now be turned off
  • Fixed ragdoll
  • Improved feet on floor adjustments and feet IK
  • Improved hand and finger motion