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New Procedural Motions

  • Updated Sex Motion 3 with even more intense action and more customization options
  • New highly customizable Auto Dance 3 (similar to SM3 but no sex)
  • The 2 new motions can be overlayed on top of another motion, creating unlimited remixing posibilities! Check our Iwara channel for demos.

Water System & Effects

  • New ripple effect!
  • Customizable underwater physics with buoyancy, drag and gravity
  • Sweat drop from actors’ body

UI UX Updates

  • Presets are now stored externally in your content library, as individual files! Each preset will be a separate file for easy management and sharing of custom settings.
  • Enhanced motion selection with separate motion 1 and motion 2 menus.
  • Recent modified settings section can be turned off in actor menu.

AI Chat Updates

  • Support for new OpenAI models including the 128k tokens GPT4 and 16k tokens GPT 3.5 turbo.
  • New language setting allows choosing between Vietnamese, Thai, French, German and Spanish in addition to languages already supported to use for chat and voice.
  • OpenAI integration is currently broken in previous versions due to OpenAI updating their response format and the old library doesn’t work well with that. This is resolved in the new version.

Other new & improved

  • Auto update can now be controlled directly from gamepad axis input
  • Dildo & sex motion overlay updated with more intense action similar to SM3
  • Improved volumetric fog with much better resolution
  • Fixed issue with default transparency modes for stage & props models
  • Fixed texture issue with duplicated models
  • VMD camera motion can be configured to auto adjust for actor position offset (e.g. when you manually drag the actor somewhere else or use motion override to limit their position)