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Boobs Physics

Select bones and create physics components for boobs physics.


  • Select Bones: Choose the bones that are related to the boobs.
  • Mass: Mass of the rigid bodies.
  • Drag: Drag of the rigid bodies.
  • Collider Radius: Radius of the sphere collider created for the boobs.
  • Collide With Arms: Allow the boobs to collide with the arms.
  • Drive: Spring and damping force that keeps the boobs in their neutral position.
  • Angle Limit: The maximum angles the boobs can rotate in each axis.
  • Anchor: Adjust the anchor position for the joints.
  • Center: Adjust the center position for the created rigid bodies and colliders.
  • Counter Gravity: Lift the neutral position of the boobs by the selected degrees to counter the effect of gravity pulling them down.
  • Visualize: Visualize the created colliders.
  • Softbody: If the selected bone has many child bones, enabling this option will create a mesh of joints for the child bones to allow them to move individually.