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DanceXR is a versatile character model viewer and motion player that supports a range of model and motion formats, including PMX (MMD) & XNALara/XPS models, as well as VMD/BVH motion formats. The most significant benefit of using DanceXR is its ability to play almost any motion on any model without requiring manual tweaking or bone adjustments.

One of the unique features of DanceXR is the ability to configure models and motions to support different standard poses. Whether the motion was created for T-pose or A-pose models, DanceXR ensures that it can be played perfectly on any model of your choice. It also fixes common bone structure issues on the fly to ensure maximum compatibility.

In addition to character models and motions, DanceXR also supports loading stage models and props such as mirrors and interactable primitive objects. Users can adjust the environment, including weather effects and lighting configurations, to suit their preferences. Moreover, DanceXR offers sophisticated graphics settings that can be adjusted to optimize performance and visual quality.

DanceXR also offers built-in features that enhance the realism of character models. Models will breathe, blink their eyes, and even make eye contact with you like a real person. Additionally, users can utilize procedural motions and make various adjustments to fine-tune and change the look of their models. With new features added every month, DanceXR offers an exciting and constantly evolving experience.

Different editions and variants

DanceXR offers four editions with different features: Free, Pure, Pro, and Creator.

The Free edition includes all the basic features such as standard pose conversion, stage and environment settings, and lifelike motions. However, it has the limitation of only allowing one actor on the stage at a time.

The Pure edition offers pro features that are not available in the Free version, such as XPS physics and procedural dance motions.

The Pro edition contains everything in Pure, plus age-restricted features.

The Creator edition includes offline render capabilities, which allow you to record videos without worrying about your actual frame rate and screen resolution. For example, you can record 4K video smoothly at 60fps even when your monitor is 1080p and your computer is not able to maintain that framerate. It also has the ability to generate VR 180 videos.

For each edition, you can choose between RT, HD, or LW builds. RT enables ray tracing, HD focuses on graphic quality, and LW is optimized for frame rate.

Not all platforms support all of these variants, though. PC has all, while Mac currently only has HD, and Android is LW only.

The Pure and Pro are sold on Steam, while Pro is also available on Itch.io and Patreon. The Creator edition is currently only offered on Patreon for the creator tier.

Release schedule

Our development team follows a monthly release cycle, where we aim to release updates every month.

These updates are initially made available to our Patreon supporters at the beginning of the month, followed by a release on the Steam beta branch around the 15th. Finally, the updates are rolled out to the Steam main branch and the rest of the platforms before the end of the month. The free version will also be published around the same time.

Please find the download link and purchase options on this page.

## Preparing Content

DanceXR does not include pre-loaded models and dance motions. To use the app, the user must create a content library folder and organize various types of resources into separate subfolders for DanceXR to access when needed.

On a PC, DanceXR will attempt to locate content in parent folders upon initial launch. If no content is found, the app will generate a folder with subfolders for different resource types. The user can then open the created folder from the system menu and transfer their content into the appropriate subfolder.

However, on Quest and Android devices, the location of the content folder cannot be changed. To add content, Quest users must connect their device to a PC, while Android users are provided with a content manager to perform basic file management tasks within the content folder.

If you require assistance setting up your content folder, a video tutorial is available here and more information can be found on this page.


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Terms & Conditions

By using this program, the user agrees that they take full responsibility for the content that they use with the program and that all the content used meets all the legal and copyright requirements. The developer of DanceXR does not take any responsibility for the content created or downloaded by the user.