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Sky Modes

You can choose to use sky map, pure color or procedural mode to render sky.

On Quest

For performance reasons, on Quest, you don’t have sky map or procedural options. Sky color options are located in the lighting configurations. It has an additional passthrough slider that controls the transparency of the background to allow for mixed reality.

Passthrough on PC

Certain PC VR streaming programs allow replacing the pure color background with a passthrough image. You can set the sky to color mode and pick a color (for example, pure black or green) that the streaming system uses for this to work.


Procedurally generate clouds that can be affected by wind and change realistically over time.

Sky Map

You can use HDRI panoramic images as a sky map. Both jpg and HDR formats are supported.

Find sky maps and load them in DanceXR as a background.

Procedural Sky

  • Sunlight angle is now controlled by the time of day, ecliptic angle, and orientation.
  • Automatic transition between day and night based on the time of day value.
  • Night sky with stars