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AR mode is available on supported devices on iOS, Android and Quest. Not all devices have the capability of AR so if you don’t see the AR option in the menu, it means your device does not support AR.

On iOS and Android, the program is always launched in normal mode without AR. You can then start AR by going to the scene menu and check the “AR” option. Once activated you’ll see your live enviroment appearing on the screen.

On the Quest, there are 2 separate versions, DanceXR Mix is the AR version and the DanceXR Immersion is VR only.

VR Options

  • Occulusion: This option will make the virtual objects appear behind real objects in the scene. This is useful when you want to have a virtual object appear behind a real object in the scene. Please note that the occulusion is not perfect and may not work well in all situations.
  • Shadow Only: This option allows virtual objects to drop shadows on real objects in the scene. This often gets blocked by the Occulusion so you might want to disable Occulusion when you want to see the shadows.