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Animate any model, anywhere

DanceXR is a character model viewer and motion player. It supports PMX(MMD) & XNALara/XPS models and VMD motion format. Unlike other MMD players DanceXR allows almost any motion to play on any model without any manual tweaking or bone adjustments.

It doesn’t matter whether the model has IK bones or is it in T pose or A pose, the model & motion are adapted automatically on the fly by our unique motion system to ensure the maximum compatibility.

There are also tons of built-in features to make the characters more life-like. You can see them breathing, blinking eyes naturally and even making eye contact with you. Plus there are procedural motions for you to use and more features added every month with each updates.

DanceXR is previously known as Dance Viewer VR (DVVR) and has been around on VR platforms for a couple years. To know more about the project follow the link down below to our website where you’ll find our Patreon page and YouTube channel.

This Android version has been heavily optimized for mobile platform with unique touchscreen control & render engine that provide smooth motion playback on even lower end devices.

DanceXR comes with a built-in “Dummy” model and several procedural motions. On top of that we also included a “Content Manager” app for you to build your own content library with the character & motion that you like.

Please note that we do not provide any content that we don’t own within this bundle. And we do not provide any means for distributing the content within the app. By downloading this app the users have to agree that they take full responsibility for the content they use with it and they themselves have to ensure that all legal & copyright requirements are satisfied. The developer of DanceXR does not take any responsibility for the user generated content.