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DanceXR (DVVR)

Universal 3D character model viewer & motion player.

DanceXR (DVVR)


DanceXR is a character model viewer and motion player. It supports PMX(MMD) & XNALara/XPS models and VMD motion format. Unlike other MMD players DanceXR allows almost any motion to play on any model without any manual tweaking or bone adjustments.

It doesn’t matter whether the model has IK bones or is it in T pose or A pose, the model & motion are adapted automatically on the fly by our unique motion system to ensure the maximum compatibility.

There are also tons of built-in features to make the characters more life-like. You can see them breathing, blinking eyes naturally and even making eye contact with you. Plus there are procedural motions for you to use and more features added every month with each updates.

Where to get it

Since this is an evolving project, we appreciate if you can support us on Patreon. You will be the first to get each update and have your bug reports and feature requests prioritized.

Here is on our Patreon page:

You will also find the free version and release notes overthere.

If you prefer an one-off purchase, you can find it on Steam and

DanceXR Pro on Steam:

DanceXR Pro on

DanceXR Pure on Steam:

The difference between Pro and Pure version is that the Pro has some adult only features so is age restricted on Steam, also the raytraced version is a paid DLC on Steam. The Pure has all adult features removed, but it includes the raytraced version.

The standalone build for Oculus Quest can be found here: DanceXR Quest

The Android Pro version can be purchased from DanceXR Android Pro

You can also download and purchase the Portable edition on Google Play for free. The Portable edition is missing the NSFW features.


Getting started

Before you start using DanceXR, you need to first prepare a content library so it knows where to find models and motions etc. On PC you’ll be asked to locate your content library the first time you run the application. On Quest and Android this is a specific folder within the application data and you’ll have to transfer your content onto the device into that particular folder for it to be able to find them.

Here is a video demonstrating how to setup your content folder.

To read more about it visit this page

Different versions & builds

With each release we publish multiple builds, here’s what each different variant means.

Creator, Pro and Lite are 3 different feature levels. Creator being the most complete and Lite being the free version that lacks advanced features. To read more about features

RT, HD & LW are different render pipelines that represent different graphic levels. RT uses raytracing and requires RTX hardware, HD has great image quality and LW is the fastest of all.


Starting from version 1.0, we added support for multiple languages. We’ve made the translation public so everybody can view and make suggestions.

If you find any text in your language that doesn’t make sense, feel free to let us know so we can make adjustments.

Documents, tutorials & bug report


Troubleshooting common issues

About transparency

Physics settings

Visit our Youtube channel for video demos & tutorials

For feature request or bug report, please use the GitHub issue tracking system.

Terms & Conditions

By using this program, the user agrees that they take full responsiblity for the content that they use with the program and that all the content that are used meet all the legal & copyright requirements. The developer of DanceViewerVR does not take any responsibility for the content created or downloaded by the user.