• Auto update system. Allows animating configuration values over timeline, musics beats and user input controls

Stage & Environment

  • Unlimited actors on stage.
  • Laser

Actor models

  • Physics tools for XPS models. This includs
    • Bone colliders: Attach colliders to main body parts like torso and limbs so they can interact with other physics objects.
    • Boobs: Control boobs movements with physics simulation.
    • Hair: Connecting hair bones with physics joints and colliders.
    • Clothing: Connecting clothing bones with physics joints.
    • Skirt: Connecting bones both vertically and horizontally.
    • Detach object: Let certain accessory objects to fall off from the model by applying gravity and collider to them.
  • Outfit tool. Add tatoo, stocking and tear effect on top of the model materials.
  • Light ball. Attach lightballs to certain bones of the actor to create special effects.
  • Motion Override. Override motion by limiting certain motions, adding rocking motion and control hand and leg poses.
  • Accessory. Load models and attach to certain bones of the actor.
  • PMX blendshape morphs
  • PMX bone morphs


  • Procedural Motions
    • Auto Dance 1
    • Auto Dance 2