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Animate any model, anywhere

DanceXR is a versatile character model viewer and motion player that supports a range of model and motion formats including PMX (MMD) & XNALara/XPS models, as well as VMD/BVH motion formats. The most significant benefit of using DanceXR is its ability to play almost any motion on any model without requiring manual tweaking or bone adjustments.

You can configure models and motions to support different standard poses. No matter if the motion was created for T-pose or A-pose models, DanceXR can ensure that it can be played perfectly on any model of your choice. It also fixes common bone structure issues on the fly to ensure maximum compatibility.

In addition to character models and motions, DanceXR also supports loading stage models and props such as mirrors and interactable primitive objects. Users can adjust the environment, including weather effects and lighting configurations. Moreover, DanceXR offers sophisticated graphics settings that can be adjusted to optimize performance and visual quality.

DanceXR includes a “Dummy” model and several procedural motions to get you started but to get most out of it you need to prepare your own content to play with the app. These content include character models, motion and audio files, props and stage models and additional texture for ground, sky map etc.

Once installed you’ll find a “DanceXR” folder in your “Files” app, within it there’s a content folder that has multiple subfolders like “actors”, “motions” etc. You can simply copy your model & motion files into those folder and they will be included in DanceXR the next time you run it.