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DanceXR (DVVR)

Universal 3D character model viewer & motion player.


Unable to launch VR

If you have problems launching VR, try the following:


Common problems

Performance hints

Locate log files (PC only)

If any error happens, usually there are log entries describing that error in your log files. Therefore it is really helpful if you can locate your log files and send them to us when you report issues.

The log files can be found in C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\LocalLow\VR Storm Lab\DanceXR HD, the last folder name depends on the version you are running, so it might be “DanceXR HD”, “DanceXR LW” or “DanceXR RT”.

Some of the folders might be hidden by default in your system so you might need to set explorer to show hidden files before you can find them.

Once you open the folder you’ll see the log files “Player.log” and “Player-prev.log